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In depth study of the Major Arcana’s symbolism. Also you receive understanding of the Minor Arcana and Figure Cards. I provide many examples of the cases from my Tarot practice. You will receive interesting tasks and meditations to develop your fortune-telling skills. You can choose how fast you will pass this course. You can do it in several months or many years. The course contains 32 lessons.

The price per one lesson:
– via email $30
– via skype $70 (~1 h)
– individually in Kyiv $70


This course (11 lessons) lets start magical practice quickly and to hold difficult rituals to achieve the help of planets and elements in your life. T. You will learn a convenient system of correspondences of Deities, Divine names and ancient symbols end essenses.

This course is mostly based on the materials of the Order of the Golden Dawn. This order inherits the Rosicrucian tradition, whose sources are tracked through the European Renaissance and the Middle Ages to Ancient Greece, Babylon, Egypt.

The price per one lesson:
via email $30.
via skype $70.


If you are just starting to study astrology and want to get a basic knowledge of how to understand the natal map enroll to this course. You will recognize how to begin the analysis, how planets and stars affect the person. After 5 complex lessons of the course you will become a young specialist of natal astrology.
The price per one lesson:
via email $30.
via skype $70.

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