The art of fortune telling was given to me from the early childhood. I have started with a deck of playing cards but more than 12 years, I forecast with the Tarot that lets access the deeper layers of information about any situation.

For the interpretation of the cards, I use convenient system of correspondences that help me give the exact forecasts and translate the advices the oracle Tarot gives you while without my personal influence on the outcome.

What can you ask the Tarot about?

You will receive a detailed letter and an opportunity to clarify everything that seems incomprehensible with me.

Remember: the more details you provide in your question, the more accurate the answer of the Tarot you receive.

Consultation cost

Analysis of the situation, prediction: one detailed question:

I do at least four lays of Tarot cards to answer each question. You receive a letter not shorter than a half of the page with an explanation of the situation. Then you can ask clarifying questions.

Each following question connected to the other sphere of life, not related to the previous one: $20

For example, you want to clarify two areas of life: love and work, your perspective and what someone else thinks, etc.).

Payment is possible in any currency via convenient online money transfer systems.

To order a Tarot fortune-telling consultation, use the form below or write me on email to