I speak English fluently and my written English is even better. From time to time, I translate books that interest me from English into Russian and vice versa. If you are an editor who searches for a translator with proper knowledge on Tarot, astrology and western occult tradition write to me! I am also interested in the books on mythology, psychology and different religions. My translations are not for free but for a reasonable compensation that make happy both translator and editor.
The books I translated from Russian into English: Oleg Thelemsky. The Tarot for All and for None. From English into Russian: Murrey Stein. Jung and Psychology of the Mysticism; Charlotte Fell-Smith. John Dee. Edited in Russian edition: Red Book of Jung (Liber Novus, Russian Edition)

SCHOOL OF MAGIC MAGISTERIY Training in the School of Magic is a unique opportunity to get knowledge from our teachers educateded in occult esoteric disciplines and dedicated their lives to magic and spiritual development.

Classes are conducted remotely from anywhere in the world. Some of them are English-speaking.

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The place of meeting: practical magical seminars and rituals or mysteries. If you want to get acquainted with us, the members of Magisteriy club, and to find out more about esoteric sciences, come to seminars that our club helds in Kiev or you can receive a videofile from our events. Follow us on Facebook.

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MAGISTERIY.ORG AS THE SPACE FOR THE AUTHORS is the site for publishing authors’ materials on magic, philosophy, tarot, astrology, paganism and other traditions of western and eastern esotericism, poems and pictures. Use the translation ability of your internet browser to read through the interesting articles comprehended Russian and Ukrainian authors wrote and rituals real magicians held. If you write something interesting on this topic, send it to me and we will consider the translation into Russian to publish on

Have questions? Do not hesitate to write me!