Receive a detailed analysis of your personality and the perspectives of you life according to the situation of the planets and zodiac signs at the moment of your birth.

Horoscopes for zodiac signs you can be read on any astrological site have an accuracy of 50/50. Your sign is the constellation in which the Sun was at the time of your birth. But in addition to the Sun there are 10 more astrological planets, the positions dictate your life every day.


Also you will recognize which planets and elements favor you which bring problems. You will get advices for your future life.

You have to provide the following data

– The exact date and region of your birth, and the time of birth (the preciser the better but the approximation in the term of +- 3 hours is acceptable if you do not know exactly)
– Provide some personal data like the date of your first wedding and the birth of your children, the deaths of ancestors and so on.
– Be ready to answer simple astrologer’s clarifying questions.

The process of consultation

1) You send personal data and pay at least 50%. You send your questions (if you are interested in something specific).
2) I am sending you a letter about 4 pages with the detailed analysis.
3) You pay another 50% and ask clarifying questions.
4) You receive the second letter about half a page with exhaustive answers to your additional questions.


Full horoscope with the specification of the time of your birth, if needed: $79
The analysis of one sphere of your life (for example, your work or personal relations): $64

The cost of the service includes determining the exact time of your birth. This time often does not coincide neither with the time that parents remember, nor with time on the tag in the hospital. Analyzing the map needs the accuracy within 5 minutes, sometimes even less. Without such a refinement, the analysis will be very superficial. If you need to clarify the time of birth (to conduct the so-called rectification of a horoscope) without analyzing the map, write.

Payment can be received in any currency via western union or maoneygram.

To order astrological services, write here or by e-mail