Astrological Forecasts

Planets are moving in the sky and influence us. To predict the future trends in your life, I compare the sky in the moment of your birth with the current situation.

Forewarned is forearmed is the principle astroforecasts work. It is better to know in advance and what changes are waiting. Then you will be prepared morally, materially and physically and plan the events in your life more successfully.

You can order:
• Events and trips planning (date choice)
• Forecasts for 3 months
• Annaual Astrological Forecast
• Long periods 2-5 years.

What will you need:
Provide wour birth date, time and place and characterize your situation. The more you will tell me about the spheres of life you are asking about the more detailed the forecast is possible.

What will you get:
• The trend of the development of any situation in life. What to be prepared to in general (I do not predict concrete dates of weddings, deathes and getting very rich, sorry).
• Recommendations for planning different events.

The price of the forecast starts from $39. It depends on the number of questions and spheres of life you are asking about.

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